David Visits Ntenyo Primary School, Sight of Ruhango Project!

Sanejo, “building tomorrow’s generation”, was launched in Rwanda on June 21st in the community where the first project will be based. In launching the non-profit organization, Sanejo founder and executive board member David Mwambari, expressed the interest of him and his friends in joining the wonderful work of rebuilding the Ntenyo Primary School that will rehabilitate the school structure in order to provide more space and better learning conditions for the students. The community leaders expressed their appreciation for this partnership and welcomed Sanejo’s members and partners to the community. On the same day, Sanejo’s friends, a group of architectures from the United States, joined with the children to take measurements of the land size where the school is, to be used to draw up a plan to assist in starting the rebuilding project.

In the following weeks, Sanejo’s founder met teachers, students and local leaders on various occasions to seek more advice on how to successfully proceed with the project. David also spoke to many local builders, local laborers, toured(tourist?) shops, stores and local brick-making plants in order to ensure that the project would be created with 100% local material. David also spent time at a similar school that was rebuilt recently to learn from the challenges and successes associated with such projects that Sanejo will embark on.

1 thought on “David Visits Ntenyo Primary School, Sight of Ruhango Project!”

  1. That is an honorable vision, to help reconstruct the country through facilitating the education of next generation.
    We will support you in prayer.

    Rev. Ananie.

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