Ntenyo Primary School Funding

As many of you (hopefully) know, Sanejo is just about to start the
reconstruction of the Ntenyo Primary School in Rwanda. Our very first
project! With our partner organization, Y-GAP, we have managed to
accumulate sufficient funds to cover the budgeted costs for the
construction. But currently, we have little or no wiggle room to cover
unforeseen costs, which in our experience are not unlikely to arise.
Sanejo aspires to be “over prepared” and we humbly ask you to help us out.

How can you help? It does not take much. We encourage you to consider
donating the money equivalent of one or two of your daily coffees,
newspapers or beers to our project. It might not seem like a lot, but many
small donations can go a long way, which in this case will allow us in
Sanejo to prepare for the unexpected.

How do donate? You simply go to www.sanejo.org click on the donate button.
This will take you to a page where you can use your Visa or Master Card
and put money on our PayPal account.

For those who want to donate but can not use their cards on website,
please send an email to: marten.genfors@sanejo.org for advise on how to
send the money.


The Sanejo team

P.S. Sanejo doesn’t want to infringe upon your time, and therefore we have
tried to keep this message brief. But for more information go to
www.sanejo.org and read about why the Ntenyo Primary School was selected
as Sanejo’s first project!

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  1. we are interested with the work you are doing
    and also we would request you to help us
    thank you

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