Sanejo Co-founder Gives Keynote Speech at Y-GAP Asante Sana Ball

Sanejo co-founder, David Mwambari, was granted the privilege of being the keynote speaker this week at the First Annual Asante Sana Charity Ball hosted by Y-GAP in Melbourne, Australia. Mwambari’s speech on October 24th, focused on the importance of international partnerships between young people in bridging the opportunity gap created by poverty. Using the Y-GAP/SANEJO partnership as an example, Mwambari highlighted how international partnerships help garner greater awareness and support for the work of these organizations.

Speaking with entrepreneurs, university students and community members, Mwambari highlighted Sanejo’s mission, using his personal story to illustrate the opportunities that education can provide. Mwambari, explained that Sanejo was founded as a vehicle to invest in tomorrow’s generation, specifically in partnering with those communities that have recently experienced war or exist in a state of extreme poverty. The funds from the Asante Sana Charity Ball will support the Ntenyo School Project in Rwanda. Sanejo and Y-GAP volunteers will travel together to Rwanda next summer to participate in the reconstruction and expansion of the school.

5 thoughts on “Sanejo Co-founder Gives Keynote Speech at Y-GAP Asante Sana Ball”

  1. Hi David,

    There are millions of population all around the world living in poverty!

    Thank you for the noble cause.

    May the Lord Bless you

    May the Lord bless you abundantly

  2. You are amazing David – I’m so excited to learn more about the work that you are doing. I hope we can reconnect one day – I wish you all the best!!!!!

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