David Mwambari is the visionary behind Sanejo. David holds a Diploma in Business Administration from Runder College (Nairobi), a B.A. in International Relations and Psychology, an M.A. in International Relations from the United States International University (Nairobi) and a second M.A. in Pan-African Studies at Syracuse University, New York. Mwambari has worked in East, Southern and Central Africa, training leaders of community-based organizations in educational dimensions and small business projects. These projects, academic research as well as other similar endeavors have taken him to various conflict situations in East and Central Africa. Mwambari has travelled throughout different continents, informing and educating international audiences. He is a recipient of numerous awards, internationally for his community and academic work. Among Mwambari’s responsibilities are to lead Sanejo team and work as Sanejo’s spokesperson. Presently, Mwambari is a visiting assistant professor of Sociology and International Relations at Shawnee State University, (USA). He is also working on his PhD in History at La Trobe University, (Australia).

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